Sectec Offers High-Quality Products to Its Customers

Combining years of experience in sheet metal processing and machinery manufacturing with technology and software, Sectec Security Systems develops software that can work integrated with the products it manufactures. In the March issue, we discussed Sectec’s fields of work and their participation in the ISAF Exclusive Fair with Fatih Küçükbakırcı, General Manager of Sectec Security Systems.

What services do you offer to your customers as Sectec Security Systems?

Sectec Security Systems is the youngest company established within the Küçükbakırcı Group, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in the steel and sheet metal sector, as part of its strategy to be present in more value-added areas. We aim to be a leader in the sector by combining our experience in the sheet metal processing sector with technology and software. We continuously offer our customers high-quality and high-strength products. We are continuing to establish regional and local dealers within the country. At the same time, we have started to take steps for export and are laying the foundations for exporting to many countries.

To what extent do you use technology in the products you produce under the slogan ‘Strong Technology’? How do you benefit from technology?

We coined our slogan “Strong Technology” by combining our technical knowledge from sheet metal processing and machinery manufacturing with our raw material strength and our constant investment in technology and our goal of developing new technologies in the sector. In our production processes, besides metal processing, we also manufacture the mainboards within our own facility. In addition, we are also working on the software side of the access systems sector. We develop software that can work integrated with our products.

You are a participant in the Ankara ISAF Exclusive Fair. What advantages does the fair provide for Sectec Security Systems? What are its benefits to you?

The ISAF Exclusive Fair is mainly visited by the public sector. The public sector is the segment that uses and values access systems the most. Thanks to the ISAF Exclusive Fair, we will have the chance to promote and express ourselves better. We aim for it to be a fair where new relationships and new markets are formed for us.

Lastly, is there anything you would like to add?

Many companies are making efforts for domestic technology and domestic production, which we have frequently emphasized as a country in recent times. We have made and continue to make significant investments for this. This vision is very valuable for our country. Thanks to this, we are creating added value for our country by producing and exporting products that we imported a few years ago. This fair will host the most important manufacturers in the security equipment sector. We hope it will be a productive fair for all participants.