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About us

Küçükbakırcı Group of Companies started its activities with sheet metal and metal wholesale trade on Konya Karatay industrial site in 1982.

In 1990, it opened its 2nd branch in PERDEMSAC Plaza and continues its new investment in Dilova today. Continuing its investments in the development of our country, Küçükbakırcı established Mert Makina Sanayi in 1998 to manufacture crusher facilities and stone crushing machines. Mert Makine is one of the most preferred companies in many provinces of our country and in many countries, especially in the Balkan countries, with the installation of machinery and complete facilities for the road, construction and mining sectors.

Küçükbakırcı put its İskenderun branch into operation in 2011 with the investment of equipped machinery in order to be a port region and to accelerate the trade with neighbouring countries. Thanks to this facility, it offers faster product supply to the region and its surrounding provinces and neighbouring countries.

In 2016, Yufa Metal was established, which operates on the sale of ribbed and unribbed rebar and steel mesh coil. As a result of the last 39 years, our company continues to grow steadily and maintains its investments with the understanding that does not compromise on quality and customer satisfaction. Continuing its investments for more investment, more production and more employment every year, Küçükbakırcı Group of Companies established Sectec Güvenlik Otomasyon Sistemleri  Tic. San. A.Ş. by stepping into the Transition and Security Control Systems sector in 2020.

Sectec Güvenlik Teknolojileri produces passage turnstiles with our expert staff and experienced personnel in our 20,000 m2 facility in the 4th Organized Industrial Site in Konya.

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